Saturday, January 04, 2014

Non-GMO Cheerios

General Mills is wasting no time at the beginning of 2014 to continue doing everything it can to stay on the growing edge. The company announced that Cheerios will be made entirely with non-GMO ingredients, particularly their source of corn starch and cane sugar (i.e. there are no GMO oats). The move comes because they "think consumers may embrace it", and they want to do everything they can to stay in the good graces of consumers in this tough market. And, people do care as is evidenced by the debacle Kashi faced a couple of year ago over GMO ingredients.

To be clear, General Mills has not had a conversion experience. They admit they believe genetically modified seeds are safe, and they claim that they are not responding to pressure. It's purely a PR move, and while somewhat disingenuous, it is an important move on their part.

(Source: General Mills blog)

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