Saturday, February 15, 2014

It's about the Meal

There has been much talk about the decline in cereal sales and the challenge that provides to cereal companies. There are many options available to consumers today, and decreasingly is conventional cereal one of them.

General Mills, like the other big companies, is trying various strategies to turn people back to cereal and their brands in particular. One of their more interesting recent attempts is to change the focus from cereal to families eating together, something that rarely happens today at breakfast. The Family Breakfast Project is "a way to help you get creative about your morning – to make it easier, more fun and meaningful". The idea is that if people put more focus on breakfast as a family meal, cereal will be a more frequent choice than the quick, grab-and-run options that are appearing.

Changing the conversation might just be what really needs to happen for cereal's future.

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