Sunday, March 26, 2017

Will Cereal A GO! go?

Over the years I have highlighted various bowl inventions designed to improve the cereal eating experience. Most of these concepts were designed to solve the problem of soggy cereal, by keeping the cereal and milk separate as much as possible.

The latest concept is Cereal A GO!, a two-container system developed by a retired Army paratrooper. In addition to separate compartments for the cereal and milk, it was designed to be used with one hand, making for greater convenience. The user simply squeezes the liquid side and it sprays into the cereal. The attached spoon can be likewise operated with the same hand while hold the device. The cereal can be eaten directly from the built-in bowl, or transferred to a more conventional one.

The inventor, Jesse Fairchild, has patented Cereal A GO!, and is hoping that cereal companies will license the product for selling their products, but also sees application in other setting, such as in relief efforts.

It's an awkward looking device, but in a tight market, something like this might be a solution for the cereal industry seeking to make cereal consumption more convenient for today's picky consumers.

Would you use it?

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Anonymous said...

I'm sure that if I tried using it, that "spoon" would act more like a catapult, with all the unintended consequences you can imagine! It would proably have more traction as a usable "go" item if the base were redesigned to fit into a standard automobile cup holder, me thinks.