Thursday, August 18, 2005

Bag or box?

NFO recently conducted a marketing survey regarding ceral packaging.

Here is what they found:

Survey Results - In a Bag or In a Box?

Dry cereal is a popular food item - no surprise there. A recent survey indicates that 87.5% of our members have bought dry cereal in the last six months and in most households it doesn't last very long -- 60% of respondents said a box of cereal lasts for two weeks or less.

Cereal manufacturers know their products are popular, but they continue to look to consumers for ideas about how to improve. Even for products that are consumed quickly, packaging preferences are an important consideration. Here are the cereal packaging preferences, from most to least popular, based on the same survey:

      Type Of Cereal Packaging % of Respondents
      Box with resealable inner packaging 65%
      Resealable packaging with no outer box 17%
      No preference 10%
      Box with non-resealable inner packaging 7%
      Box only, no inner packaging 1%

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