Thursday, December 08, 2005

Kellogg's Drink 'n Crunch

Kellogg recently introduced Drink 'n Crunch cereals, another entry into their "Food Away from Home" category. It's an innovation that keeps the crunch, even you add milk. Their description:
Drink ‘n Crunch™ cups offer the ultimate in portability for busy consumers while boosting combo sales of milk and cereal for you. An innovative double-cup system keeps cereal and milk separated until they reach your mouth for maximum crunch. Available in four of our most popular brands: Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes®, Froot Loops®, Low Fat Granola and Special K® Vanilla (without almonds).
Sounds like a more palatable option than Liquid Cereal, which I have previously discussed.

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Anonymous said...

Great idea, however I find that the innovative packaging allows for too much milk to pour out and not enough cereal........

Anonymous said...

I have found the same. I have to stick my tongue into the milk sipping hole in order to allow the cereal into my mouth. And it says to tap the cup. At that point, I'm using both hands to eat and may as well find a plastic spoon which is no doubt in the same deli I got this cereal at and eat from the round plastic cup instead. Gosh.