Thursday, March 30, 2006

neopets cereal

We've seen sports figures, movies and TV shows promoted with cereal, but this could be the first time that a major website has taken the form of a breakfast cereal. General Mills is selling neopets Island Berry Crunch, based on the popular virtual pet website for children, neopets. While this should be a hit among kids mesmerized by their favorite online world, some critics are very concerned about the tight relationship between the website and marketers.

What's next? Google cereal?

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Anonymous said...

Hey Lloyd- I have a few cereal questions for you. What's your email address? Thanks - Mike

Anonymous said...

Lloyd- I should have given you my email, so you don't have to post it here. mikedavidson44 [at]

Anonymous said...

hey i onli buy da cereal cause you get a code which gives you a prize on the website!

Anonymous said...

how r u -Mike