Thursday, December 28, 2006

From constipation to big business

There are a number of histories of cereal out there, including many on the Internet. Many really don't say anything new. But, I came across an article today from The Guardian of the U.K. which gives a brief history of the origins of breakfast cereal. For anyone interested in the stories behind one of our current nutritional and cultural staples this article is worth reading:

"How constipation cure became huge business"

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Anonymous said...

Constipation can be classified into multiple types and of course treatment would vary accordingly. For example, a recent and interesting twist to treatments is the use of botox for functional constipation caused by dysfunction of pelvic muscles involved in defecation.

if only you knew.. <3 said...

I'm doing a science fair project and it's based on which cereals have the most iron. I think this site will be interesting in the process of conducting my experiment. =)