Friday, March 30, 2007

Cheerios On-The-Go Pack

I've recently been critical of cereal price increases and have called for more innovation and value from manufacturers. Today I was pleased to see an example of this coming from General Mills.

Playing on the fact that Cheerios is the favorite cereal as a finger food for toddlers, General Mills has introduced a convenient container for parents for dispensing the little O's. The On-The-Go Pack is really nothing more than a cheap (but cool!) plastic container that is reusable and reinforces the Cheerios brand. And for 1.1 oz of cereal (1 official adult serving) it was selling for $2.19 at my local grocery store. Costly, but brilliant marketing. And probably will contribute to increase General Mills' revenue and profits.

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Kathy Moritz said...

This is one of the coming trends you will see more of. General Mills is targeting the rising market of foods on the go. Overall their sales in convenience stores now outperform their sales in grocery stores - per the 2006 Annual Report.