Tuesday, May 08, 2007

mymuesli - Cereal of the future?

I have long called for cereal companies to innovate. I believe we may have seen the best attempt at that so far not from one of the big American companies (i.e. Kellogg or General Mills), but from mymuesli of Germany.

claims to offer "custom-made cereals" and tout it as "Fruehstueck 2.0" (translated as Breakfast 2.0).

Here's how it works: They have seventy different ingredients which can be mixed and matched in any combination you choose (apparently 566 billion combinations!). They create the cereal, package it in an innovative canister, and ship it to you (sorry, only in Germany right now!).

Wow! That's impressive.

I'd love to get my hands on some of that stuff. I have some contacts in Germany and I just might see if I can order some.

Cereal companies: Are you paying attention?

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Anonymous said...

there is also a new german online shop for cereals: www.cereal-club.de

Anonymous said...

Cereal companies: Are you paying attention?
The answer is: Yes we are!
Need say more?