Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Cereal Bowl leading restaurant race

Over the past few years I have been watching with interest the fledgling growth of cereal restaurants. It's an innovative concept that has much promise, but is still struggling to get traction.

Exactly one year ago today the initial frontrunner in the race, Cereality, was bought out by Cold Stone Creamery. While Cold Stone has experimented with two combo stores (one in Colorado, the other in Arizona), Cereality is down to four locations. They had such promise.

The clear leader in the race today is the The Cereal Bowl. They now have twenty-two franchise locations, and are looking ahead with new store designs suited for more urban areas than college campuses, and new sustainable packaging. They appear to be one to watch now. (Source: QSR magazine).

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Unknown said...
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linners4 said...

I feel that the craze of mixing cereal is not going to last. Consumers want one particular cereal, not to mix and match many. Cereal is meant to be eaten in the household. What would make someone want to go out and spend extra money to match cheerios with apple jacks? I would rather buy one box at a time and enjoy it one flavor at a time. It is the same as a mix and match bag of chips. what's the point to pay extra?