Saturday, July 19, 2008

More vintage

Upon further reflection of my recent post on vintage cereal boxes I have come up with an idea that cereal companies may want to seriously consider.

What about vintage cereals, not just vintage boxes?

That's right, cereal companies could tap into our fascination with nostalgia by re-introducing cereals from the past in vintage packaging. They wouldn't have to be permanent additions, but limited editions. No more than one or two at a time would be needed by each company, but it would be a great way to capture sales in a highly competitive marketplace. I also suspect they could charge a little more and still sell them out.

Wouldn't it be great to taste again Kellogg's OKs or Puffa Puffa Rice? General Mills would have many excellent choices to offer, such as Sir Grapefellow, Crazy Cow, or Twinkles. What about Quaker Quake (they've already done this with Quisp!)? Or, Ralston Freakies? And, of course, Post Pink Panther Flakes!

We're tired of yet another flavor of Special K, or a new marshmallow in Lucky Charms.

How about something a little more exciting?

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1 comment:

Jerry said...

Absolutely!! Sir Grapefellow used to be one of my favorites!! And I would love to have some Quake again!!