Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wheaties Fuel - the evolution begins

The New York Times today is revealing upcoming plans about the upcoming Wheaties "evolution" that we have been expecting and speculating over. (You will notice that I was interviewed for this article, and my blog post from last year, "The Breakfast of the Mediocre", is referenced).

Wheaties Fuel will be a new type of Wheaties that will be targeted to men. Three prototype formulas have been created, and in the next few weeks selected readers of Men's Health magazine will get to try them and pick the best one, which will be announced on September 9th, the previously publicized date for the "evolution".

It looks like a deliberate marketing strategy with considerable potential. For the sake of an iconic brand I hope it works.

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Jessica Levinson, MS, RD, CDN said...

Do men really need their own cereal? As it is 60% of men are the purchasers of Wheaties. What makes them think that a new type of Wheaties will increase sales? Check out my blog post about this:

Lloyd said...


I don't know if it's so much that men need their own cereal as it is that Wheaties needs more sales. And, in a crowded marketplace finding their niche (or, in this case, creating one) is a smart move. But, obviously, time will tell if this strategy works.

Jessica Levinson, MS, RD, CDN said...

I don't disagree, and come Fall we'll see what Wheaties has in mind for men. My concern is that the cereal may not provide the best nutritional content, but men will think it has something they in particular need, when in fact it may not. As you said, time will tell! said...

Gee, YOur blogs are awfully old.I wonder why the Co. has to always have a story about some athlete. How about the ordinary folks that in my case is my father, who is at the same age(85)as Wheaties who has eaten and still eats Wheaties today.When he was a toddler, he can remember at age 10 the only cereal was Wheaties, which was in his home. Why not do a more down-to-earth story?

Lloyd said...