Thursday, March 27, 2014


Cereal sales are in decline. We know that, and so do the cereal companies.

In going over some of last month's chatter from big cereal CEO's it is interesting to read what they think the solution is. They all recognize that cereal is core to their business, and that some fine-tuned strategies are required to get back to the prominence they once had.

I encourage you to read some of the reports on the CEO's comments (see links below), but here are the major highlights:

Kellogg recognizes the need to reinforce the benefits and value of cereal at breakfast.

General Mills is planning on more product innovation and targeting marketing to four growth sectors: older consumers, millenials, middle-class consumers in emerging markets, and multicultural families (particularly Hispanics).

Easy to say. Hard to do. But are these strategies that will really turn things around? Only time will tell, but while these general statements are on the right track implementation will be critical, and I wonder whether the big companies have what it takes to really respond to what consumers are looking for.

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