Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Cereal restaurant drama

Earlier this week I reported on The Cereal Bowl, the latest entry into the cereal restaurant market. But, others are copying the idea, originally started by Cereality, including A Cereal Joint in Gainesville, Florida.
Fearing the competition, Cereality has threated A Cereal Joint with legal action if they infringe on Cereality's patented business-methods and trademarks. Even The Cereal Bowl has entered the fray, stating the word cereal and the bowl design cannot be used by A Cereal Joint.  (Read more about this in AlligatorOnline).
A couple of observations:
First, these rumblings are more evidence of how serious investors are taking this. The prospects for cereal restaurant growth is viewed with great enthusiasm.
Second, Cereality and The Cereal Bowl should chill out. Sure, they have their own interests to protect, but there is room for lots of competition. Ultimately, the successful companies will not be the ones who control the trademarks, but the ones who provide the best breakfast experience.


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