Thursday, June 29, 2006

Dora the Explorer cereal

Yet another cereal based on a popular kid's character or theme. This time it's Dora the Explorer, a popular animated character that is especially among young girls. It's made by General Mills.

Dora the Explorer cereal differs from others in this genre by actually being quite healthy. Only 6 grams of sugar (per 27g serving) and 3g of fibre. It looks like cereal companies are getting the message from parents and health groups.

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Alysa Stewart said...

thanks for this post!

Mark said...

Why I tried the cereal:

I tried this cereal because it looked pretty healthy and it didn't have any wheat or oats in the ingredients (I try to avoid those when it comes to cereal, for health reasons). Plus, Dora is cool. I checked the ingredients out of curiosity (and to be thorough). Also, I like kids, and it looks like a kid's cereal. I'm an adult, though, and I don't have kids. So, people might think I'm weird, but hey. It's good stuff.

It uses corn and rice as its primary grains. I wanted something that wasn't pure rice (and not corn flakes, either). So, that left me with Kix, Corn Chex (and similar cereals) and a bunch of really sweet cereals. Kix is pretty good (although I like the new and sweeter kinds more than the original), but when I saw the ingredients on the Dora cereal, I was quite pleased.

Review of Dora the Explorer Cereal:

Anyway, it's really good. I like the size and shape of the cereal bits, too. The cinnamon is a nice touch (it's a mild cinnamon flavor). I've never had cereal quite like it before. It's nice that the cereal bits are small and not too light, because they stay in the bowl pretty easily, and it feels good.

It tastes a little bit like it might contain a small amount of oats (which is good, as long as it doesn't actually contain them), but it doesn't get soggy quickly like oat-based cereals do. I don't know that it does really get soggy, but it won't hurt your gums like some cereals, either.

The cereal left me feeling healthy and energetic, and better than Kix did, actually. The box is pretty big and because the cereal pieces are small, it seems that you get a lot of cereal, which is nice. It lasts a good while is what I'm saying.

The cereal is a little sweet, but not much. Maybe it's a touch sweeter than Kix (that might be the cinnamon).

Cinnamon is supposed to be good for blood sugar, by the way.

Things that concern me:
* It has a really long name. Perhaps they'll shorten it to Dora Cereal some day. Perhaps the long name is good, as it will lead to more exposure to the name for those who say/hear it.
* It's associated with a television show. That only worries me because it might mean it won't last forever. I hope they keep stocking it in the years to come, or at least the same cereal with another name.
* I hope they advertise it. Advertising goes a long way, even for something you'd think people already know about.

Lloyd said...

Wow, that's quite a review for our comments section. Thanks!