Friday, October 27, 2006

Kellogg financial results

I don't normally focus too much here on the financial ups and downs of the major cereal corporations, but Kellogg's latest financial results are worth noting.

Kellogg announced better-than-expected results, maintaining its number one position among cereal makers. Both sales and profits are up.

That's good news for a company and industry that is highly competitive, and there are signs beginning to appear (see my post last week) that we are beginning to turn away from traditional cereal consumption.

Even Kellogg's latest results are telling. While company sales overall rose 8%, U.S. cereal sales increased only 2%. That's still growth, mainly because Kellogg has worked hard at innovation, but the company is seeing its most significant success in other sectors of its business.

We'll keep an eye on these trends.

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