Saturday, March 15, 2008

More soy

A study was recently released in the Journal of Food Science examining consumers' acceptance of soy in breakfast cereals.

There has been considerable buzz about soy in recent years because of its high nutritional quality, and more and more food manufacturers are looking for ways to incorporate it in functional foods. Some breakfast cereals have already experimented with soy as an additive. (For years already, I personally have added a soy powder supplement to my morning cereal. Many others use soy milk).

But soy has some drawbacks. Some people have trouble with its taste and texture. As a result food scientists have been working to find ways to make soy more attractive by adding sweeteners and spices (such as cinnamon). While the more soy in the formula the poorer the response by the study participants, it is interesting to see the work that is going into this type of research.

Maybe someday soy will be a primary ingredient in your breakfast cereal.

How about soy sauce flavored Rice Krispies?

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