Monday, March 24, 2008

Target innovation

Target is known for its innovation. Another example is in its new cereal packaging that is to be introduced soon, as part of their Archer Farms house brand.

Archer Farms cereals themselves are not new, and already have a small, but loyal following. But, Target is hoping to raise their profile with unique packaging. Instead of the commonplace cardboard boxes or plastic bags, the organic cereals will be packaged in a sturdy, plastic cardboard container with a convenient flip-top lid.

Another attractive, premium option for consumers.

UPDATED April 21/08

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Anonymous said...

This is theft! I designed the exact same cereal box, albeit more attractive, TWO years ago while earning my bachelor's in Graphic Design. The fact that Target is profiting from an idea I developed in 2006 makes me sick.

Anonymous said...

Learn from your mistakes, next time register your design-innovation. It is arrogant to think that you were the only one looking for new cereal box ideas.

I work for a cereal company and i can tell that every year we analyze and develop a lot of new ideas to test.

Unknown said...