Monday, October 19, 2009

Head-to-head: Custom cereals - Part 1

This week I am doing something new for this blog: I will be posting a multi-part series depicting my recent experiences with the two leading U.S. custom cereal manufacturers.

In the past year or so two companies, [me]&goji and MixMyGranola, have largely copied the success of German cereal maker mymuesli to introduce the concept of custom-made cereals to the U.S. This is certainly an innovative approach that allows consumers to design their own cereal online and then to have the finished product shipped to them in a cardboard cylinder. [me]&goji and MixMyGranola are betting their business hopes on the realization that there is a growing desire for personalization of all consumer goods and a quest by many for quality above commodification.

A couple of weeks ago I placed fairly identical orders from these two companies and have since had the opportunity to experience and compare their service and cereals. Watch for my reflections in upcoming posts.

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