Monday, January 28, 2008

Cereal restaurant updates

It's been awhile since I've last reported on developments in the fledgling cereal restaurant industry. A few years ago it looked like this would be a fast growing industry under the banner of early leaders Cereality and The Cereal Bowl.

But things did not take off as originally anticipated, perhaps because of inadequate strategies.

Nevertheless, the concept is not dead and there are those still working to see cereal restaurants a ubiquitous presence across the country. In addition to the frontrunners there are a growing number of independents and newcomers, such as the new The Milky Spoon in California.

In addition, cereal restaurants are experimenting with partnerships with other restaurants. According the Miami Herald, the latest is The Cereal Bowl partnering with P. B. Loco, an operator of peanut butter cafes.

Obviously, this restaurant concept has a way to go toward full acceptance and maturity. But, it is interesting to watch it emerge and evolve.

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Brad said...

FYI - Cereal World opened in Minneapolis last year.

Eduardo Cabreado said...

It would be lovely this concept would expand beyond the US someday u__u

Rick said...

Hi, great to see enthusiasts for cereal. I just joined your blog because I just started working at a company that makes cereal dispensers. Take a peek