Saturday, January 12, 2008

Curves women

Last year General Mills partnered with Curves women's fitness centers to launch a line of fitness-oriented cereals and bars that are intended to compete with Kellogg's Special K line. In my opinion the new cereals are more of a marketing ploy than health food. Give them credit, however, for making strong connections with women. This continues now with a promotion they have been running, called "Real Change, Real Women" contest. Women wrote in with a personal story, and now the 12 finalists appear on a website where their stories can be read and voted upon. The winner will appear on an upcoming Curves cereal box.

It will be different having real women on the Curves boxes, especially since there was some controversy with the models on the original boxes. On the earliest sample sized boxes, it appeared to many that faces were "photoshopped" on to bodies, especially when an African American woman appeared to have a caucasian body. TIP: Those boxes are worth collecting!

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Interesting news about the Curves cereal developments. It might well be a marketing ploy, but if that were the angle, wouldn't one think that GM would hire designers who could at least make sure the heads and models of the same body were the same ethnicity?!?



Shannon Eliot
Editorial Assistant,