Monday, January 21, 2008

Cereal Toppers - the future of cereal?

I recently came across Cereal Toppers, which are dried fruit packaged and marketed for those wanting to add excitement to their morning cereal. There are five different fruit combinations, and the product is available in some grocery stores and online.

I think this is a brilliant, yet simple, idea that has tremendous potential for future innovation. For Cereal Toppers themselves this is a great way to break into the dried fruit market by finding a strong niche. I saw these for sale in a grocery store in the cereal aisle, and I can see people buying them who otherwise would have never considered buying dried fruit for this purpose.

What about a whole line of Cereal Toppers that extend beyond dried fruit? Chocolate? Nuts? Candy? Syrups? It would make it easier for people to create their own custom cereal combinations at home. It could start a whole new trend in breakfast eating. Successful marketing is critical to get the ball rolling.

Anybody listening?

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Anonymous said...

Where did you find them? I'm in Washington state, also.

Lloyd said...

Good question. Actually, so far I've only seen them in California. I found during a recent trip there. (Of course, I always visit grocery stores and the cereal aisles!). If I see them in Washington I will place an update here.

Anonymous said...

This is a great product! I live in Florida and have been unable to purchase it here but do stock up on it when I go to California. I eat it alone as a snack, or added to cereal or yogurt. Although I tried to get my local grocery store "Publix" to stock it, my attempts have been in vain. I have severe allergies and this product is wonderful seeing as it contains no preservatives. Also in a state where hurricanes are prevalent for 5 months of the year I keep a supply of it in my pantry for just such types of emergencies as it requires no refrigeration and keeps indefinitely. It's great for camping for hiking also!

Anonymous said...
Is the links to stores across the US.

I found mine at a military Commissary

Anonymous said...

you can but them at