Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Bizarre Cereal analogy

As an important part of our culture, cereal can be easily drawn upon as an analogy or metaphor. Here's one of the more bizarre one's that I've come across:

In the Des Moines (Iowa) Register today a man on trial for murder tried to use a cereal analogy to convince the jury that there was a conspiracy against him.

Brandow, testifying Monday as the final witness in his own first-degree murder trial, asked a Polk County jury to think of his situation as a bowl of cereal gone bad after its preparer left the room.

If you're home alone, Brandow said, you certainly can't prove that someone tampered with your breakfast while you went to answer the phone. But if the cereal tasted wrong, you'd still pour it down the sink and start over.

"These are the kind of scenarios I feel that conspiracies can be proved on," Brandow said.
The jury disagreed.

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