Sunday, October 16, 2005

Bloggers and cereal

Significant postings regarding cereal from this past week:
Numbing the pain on the hour ..Every hour proposes salty cereal instead of just sugared ones. For me, salt doesn't have provide the same "pick-me-up" like sugar!
Deals that are Nifty by Sister Thrifty gives tips on how to save money by using all of the cereal packaging. For example, the box for placemats, and the liners for lining shelves, etc. Thrifty, but tacky!
Lennon & McCartney ponders the deep mysteries of eating cereal in an "Ode to Cereal".
Breakfast photos (including cereal!) can be found on the following Flickr site: The Cereal Offenders & Breakfast Fiends Pool.

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Robert said...

Christ, it's an honour of sorts, I guess, to be referenced for some thoughts on cereal. Thanks... yep.

Daly said...

I personally think that "Ode to Cereal" is an insightful piece, reflecting the ultimate truth of humanity... in a soggy cornflake.