Sunday, October 02, 2005

Cereal as "junk food"?

An long-standing debate among nutritionists and parents is the concern about the nutritional quality of many high-sugared breakfast cereals, especially as they impact children.
Many people ignore the debate. Others are concerned, but do little about it. And, a vocal segment of the population are insistent that sugared cereals are nothing more than "junk food".
One such example of the latter is Dr. Marion Nestle (ironic name!), a Nutrition Professor New York University. In an article at Health Lies Exposed, Dr. Nestle attacks the first amendment right to advertise to children, and points out that food companies are now "afraid that they may have to have warning labels on their foods, jut [sic] like cigarette companies have on their cigarettes."
In her mind, "a sugary breakfast cereal is a cookie... - they are desserts in disguise".

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